Simply put, we love music. We love the melodies, the harmonies, the simplistic, the over-the-top. There are very few times when silence is the best option. Adding music to moving images can enhance the experience by bringing the audience in without compromising or interfering with the message.  Music takes you back, pushes you forward, makes you remember, or makes you forget. And we love being a part of that experience.

HJM – as the name suggests – consists mainly of Hani Jazzar. With over 10 years as a music producer and a degree in Sound Engineering / Music Production from Studio Blue in Stockholm he is more than capable to tackle any genre of any scope.

We can do completely acoustic recordings, fully digital, or somewhere in between.  We make music with melodies that stick to your head. Jingles, full-blown productions, small voice-over recordings. This is usually decided on to match the project at hand. Either you have a reference recording we use as a starting point, or we come up with a rough demo of a piece we think you’ll like. Naturally you pay on delivery, and only if satisfied. Contact us to get things going!

Making that perfect piece of music for your moving media is a fun, challenging and rewarding task. The process is as vague and fluid as trying to describe your favourite ice-cream. But rest assured, HJM will eat, breathe, and sleep the song until it is done, no matter what it takes. It’s not just because we want to please our customers. It’s our professional sense of pride and annoying attention to detail that will not make us rest until you are a satisfied customer. Sounds silly, but it’s true!